Trucking Services Of CR England

No matter whether you are looking to get into the trucking industry or are looking for a reliable transportation service, C.R. England, Inc. is likely one of the first names to come to mind. The family-owned company was founded in 1920 and specializes in temperature-controlled transportation in North America.

Aside from their transportation services, the company also partners with Premier truck driving schools to offer CDL training to prospective truckers.

CR England Company History

C.R. England was founded by Chester Rodney England, who was born to a farming family in Plain City, Utah. In 1920, Chester purchased a Model T truck in hopes of offering farm to market services to farmers in Cache Valley and Weber County. His business grew quickly as Chester was offering a service local farmers had wanted for decades. From here, the company grew to become the largest refrigerated trucking company in the world.

Transportation Services

C.R. England trucking offers five services to ensure that all of their customer’s needs are met. These include:

  • National long haul service
  • Regional short haul service to the Midwest, West, Texas, AR, LA and OK
  • Shipments to and from Mexico
  • Intermodal rush priority rail service
  • Dedicated services customized to the needs of the customer

The company works with a variety of different industries, but the vast majority of their customers are in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Training Programs

While the company is well-known for their transportation services, they are also famous for their truck driving schools. The company partnered with Premier truck driving schools in hopes of offering the best CDL training in the industry. Premier has already developed a reputation for being one of the most respected driving schools, but their partnership with CR England garnered even more attention. At this point in time, there are five partnered schools in the following cities:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Fontana, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Richmond, Indiana
  • Burns Harbor, Indiana

The school focuses primarily on teaching driver safety and combines both classroom lessons with hands-on training. Students spend quite a bit of time learning on the truck and on the road. Once the course has been completed, students will receive their CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

There are quite a few advantages to choosing a CR England partner school. For starters, the company guarantees the student a job once they have completed their CDL training. With an uncertain job market, knowing that you will have a guaranteed job makes the training program even more enticing.

Trucking Job Opportunities

CR England offers truck driving job opportunities to drivers of all experience levels. Inexperienced truck drivers can enroll in one of the company’s five award winning schools to earn their CDL license. If the inexperienced driver meets the company’s hiring requirements, they are guaranteed a job. Student truck drivers can also find employment opportunities with the company through their student program. This program is designed to provide new drivers with training specifically for CR England.

Experienced truck drivers will naturally find opportunities with the company. Each driver is assigned their own permanent tractor assignment and a manager. The trucking company offers some of the best driving equipment in the industry. Truckers that lease or own their own truck can also become an independent contractor for the company. Depending on the assignment and the driving distance, independent contractors can earn as much as $1.50 per mile.

For those who are experienced and already hold their CDL, the company holds orientation every week. The orientation period runs from Monday through Thursday. During this time, you will be introduced to the company’s policies and learn what the company expects from their drivers. A physical exam, drug test, interview and driving test will also be given during the orientation period to ensure that all potential drivers meet their requirements. Once the orientation is complete, drivers will be hired and assigned to a truck.

Drivers also have the opportunity to either work solo or as a team driver. Those who are interested in team driving can be paired with a friend, spouse or another CR England employee to work together. This provides a unique opportunity for a couple to travel and see the country while also earning great money along the way.

After just six months of working with the company, employees can become a Driver Trainer. Trainers have the chance to earn extra money by teaching new drivers. Trainers are paid for each mile that their trainee drives, which can prove to be a great opportunity for those who are looking to earn some extra money.

Other Career Opportunities

A career as a truck driver is not the only employment opportunity CR England offers. The company also offers corporate job opportunities as well as opportunities in the maintenance department. CDL instructors are also in high demand. Career opportunities include:

  • Trailer technicians
  • Diesel technicians
  • Maintenance tech
  • Reefer mechanic
  • Call center operator
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Customer service representative
  • Driver recruiter
  • Load planner and more

The company offers excellent pay rates with customer managers and driver managers earning as much as $18 per hour. The company also offers great benefits with an on-site gym and continued training being just a few of the perks employees can take advantage of. A 401K match, dental and vision plan, medical insurance, paid vacation and sick days are also offered to the company’s valued employees. With competitive salaries, excellent benefits, on-site training and a trusted industry name, CR England trucking offers some of the best employment opportunities in the trucking industry.